Aurehøj Gymnasium

The overall strategic goal for Aurehøj Gymnasium is to be an upper secondary school that encourages students to realize their academic potential in the best way possible while also creating a thriving extracurricular working climate that will enrich the education of each student.

We encourage each student to utilize his or her special competences to their full extent. The overall goals of the Danish upper secondary school system concerning general education as well as preparation for higher education must always be inherent in the activities of the school. It is our goal that every student completes higher education after graduation from Aurehøj Gymnasium.

Aurehøj Gymnasium must be an attractive working place for its employees, who should be able to feel a balance between performance and return. Each employee must feel that his or her immediate superior is easy to approach.

The school board and the principle discuss improvements of the physical teaching environment on a regular basis and take initiative to carry out embellishments of buildings and classrooms.

The effect of the strategic work at Aurehøj Gymnasium can be seen every day in the high-quality teaching that takes place. The progress of each student is monitored closely. The strategic work is also visible in the statutory Quality Development Plan of the school. Every third year the School Board chooses three new focus areas according to a recommendation from Aurehøj’s Pedagogical Committee (consisting of the Principal and democratically elected members of staff), the focus areas of the three previous years are evaluated, and a plan of action is compiled.

Fundamental Values

  • We actively wish to preserve the tradition of prioritizing music and the artistic elements especially.
  • This tradition is maintained through fellowships across classes and years and in the mutual respect from allstudents and teachers for the institutions supporting the school spirit.
  • The joy of learning and the desire to know more and open up to new insights and competences are valuedhighly by both students and teachers.
  • All teaching must have a high and diverse professional quality and use varied teaching methods, enabling thestudents to utilize their abilities and options optimally.
  • The relationship between teacher and student must be characterized by mutual respect, candour, and dialogue,and teacher and student share the responsibility for the outcome of the teaching.
  • The school must maintain a high level of information and there must be openness concerning both financialand pedagogical decisions and priorities.
  • In accordance with principles of democratic debate and democratic decision-making, both students andteachers must have influence on their school life and work life, respectively.
  • Everybody at the school must be treated equally and with respect for diversity. We must listen to each other,respect each others’ work assignments and give each other space to develop both individually and in the schoolcommunity.
  • Everybody is responsible for the physical and psychological teaching environment of the school.
  • The physical teaching environment and teaching materials are to be embellished on a regular basis anddeveloped in accordance with the goals of the Ministry of Education and cultural, social and creative activities.
  • Aurehøj is to be a living, outward-looking school that is characterized by a global approach and political andreligious tolerance.